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Banshee The Ambassador of Chaos by KaneTheWarrior9
Banshee The Ambassador of Chaos
Banshee is a soul the went under the care of Chaostress. Chaostress only took interest in her when she heard Banshee's blood curdling scream. The spirit seemed like a fun new toy to Chaostress. Banshee gladly went into her service. She finds Chaostress' games to be fun and loves to play. Chaostress uses Banshee as an Ambassador so she wouldn't have to deal with her siblings but still got to mess with them. You see Banshee can't talk. Everytime she opens her mouth it's a eardrum imploding scream. She enjoys tormenting the other demons. Banshee also has the ability to create eyes out of fog. So she sees literally everything without having eyes herself. Banshee has taken a special interest in Agony's daughter Beauty. After seeing her on one of her trips into Agony's side of hell she's had her fog follow the young succubus nonstop.
More Man Than You Asshole! by KaneTheWarrior9
More Man Than You Asshole!
 Moa loves dressing like a boy. She loves it when girls (especially straight girls) mistake her for a boy and flirt with her. The one thing she cannot stand though is being mocked for looking the way she looks. She won't put up with that crap. So every time a group of guys starts talking shit she'll grab her best friend/kinda girlfriend Larissa. Moa will wrap an arm around her waist while flipping the assholes off yelling, "AT LEAST I GET MORE PUSSY THEN YOU ASSHOLE!" Every time this happens though Larissa just stands there giggling because she has no fucking idea what any of them are saying.
..when you can't tell if your OC is yours or your friend's...then you just sit there thinking like....who owns her/him...I have this thought process with many of my babies...O_O


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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Yo! People call me Blushy!
I'm 20 (getting fucking old)
I draw women, anthros, Pokemon, fantasy (elves/demons/harpies etc.), my little pony, and an extremely rare male every blue moon
There's a lot of women on here because I suck at drawing men.
If you have problems with lesbians or f/f then I'm probably not the artist for you.

:iconlycan-metal: is MY puppy/bestfriend/person thing.

:iconflutterderpisms: MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL PONY BUDDY!!!

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