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Mother Nature by KaneTheWarrior9
Mother Nature
Real Name: Drogo Wolfsbane

Bio: Drogo is a mix of Native American on her dad's side and Irish/Scottish on her mother's side. Drogo grew up very close to nature. Her father would often take her on hikes to show her the land. While Drogo's mother taught her about plants and how to take care of earth around her. At a young age Drogo was able to talk to plants a make them grow. She told no one wanting to keep it her little secret. One day on a hike with her father a boulder was falling from one of the mountains due to it being unstable. Right before it hit her and her father Drogo somehow froze the rock in mid-air. At first Drogo freaked. Making plants grow was one thing but being able to make a rock freeze in mid-air is a whole different ball game. Drogo's dad calmed her down getting her to drop the boulder. As they hiked home he explained to her that these powers where in her blood. Her deep love for the earth and it's creatures is what awoke her power. As Drogo got older with the help of her parents she managed to hone her powers to the point that she had good control over them. When Drogo was 18 she went to California to visit her cousin. That's when she had her first run in with X (aka Electric Shock). X was in a park where Drogo was caring for the plants when she started her attack. Drogo froze for a minute but then realized that she was the only one who could help. Using all her strength she battled X until she had vanished. After that Drogo knew that she couldn't leave Cali until X was gone. So she's stayed with her cousins working at a garden shop while becoming Mother Nature when the time comes.

-controls plant life and use them as weapons
-controls rocks using them as armor and sometimes creates a rock fist
-can cause minor earthquakes
-can talk to animals
-can create golems that fight for her for a limited period of time

-using the earth/animals against her
-fear of giant bodies of water
Alice The March Cheshire by KaneTheWarrior9
Alice The March Cheshire
Alice is the child of the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat. Her arms are disconnected from her body and just float near her. She still has full control of them though. Alice is a rather sweet little thing. Often though she has moments where she'll flip out throwing things at the wall screaming nonsense. She got that from her father the March Hare. Like her mother Alice will at times speak in riddles to her friends giving them the fully Cheshire smile. Alice is obsessed with Harley Quinn. Most of the time she'll have at least one thing that has to do with Harley. Alice likes to go over to Finnie's house to play superhero with her. Alice lives in a fantasy world most of the time. Always daydreaming or playing pretend.
..when you can't tell if your OC is yours or your friend's...then you just sit there thinking like....who owns her/him...I have this thought process with many of my babies...O_O


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United States
Yo! People call me Blushy!
I'm 20 (getting fucking old)
I draw women, anthros, Pokemon, fantasy (elves/demons/harpies etc.), my little pony, and an extremely rare male every blue moon
There's a lot of women on here because I suck at drawing men.
If you have problems with lesbians or f/f then I'm probably not the artist for you.

:iconlycan-metal: is MY puppy/bestfriend/person thing.

:iconflutterderpisms: MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL PONY BUDDY!!!

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