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Dream Encounters by KaneTheWarrior9
Dream Encounters
One of Finnie's favorite dreams is her Candyland dream. The first thing she does is rush in go for a piece of candy and start stuffing her face. This time though as she finished her first piece she heard giggling. When she looked up there was a fairy giggling at her. Finnie just stared in awe at her beauty. Then started hopping around her asking a million questions per second. This just made the fairy laugh more. Once the giggling and questions settled down the fairy told Finnie that her name is Kyra. Kyra started asking Finnie how she got into her dream. Finnie just stared at her saying it was her dream. The rest of the dream was them talking about candy and gushing about their favorite sweets.
Trine (Metal Face) The Gunner by KaneTheWarrior9
Trine (Metal Face) The Gunner
Trine works as the gunner of Trisha Bourgard's pirate crew. Trine started playing with explosives at a young age. She was born with wings that were too small for her body. Alesha didn't exactly treat her in the kindest way so Trine tried to make up for the lack of flying with explosives. Hours were spent creating, studying, learning everything there is to know about it. It didn't help much and eventually Alesha exiled her. While wandering the world Trine met Trisha. They were both in a bar getting a little tipsy. Trisha started hitting on Trine and bragging about her new ship. Being a harpy Trine didn't get as drunk as Trisha so the moment she heard about the ship she started asking a million questions. Trisha liked her excitement even though it was a mood killer and invited the harpy to join her. Trine has been there ever since loving every minute. The crew gave her the name metal face because after every new battle Trine would get a new facial piercing.  
Long Lost Sisters by KaneTheWarrior9
Long Lost Sisters
Browyn had been following a spirit for days. The spirit had been bugging her through the night yanking on her hair and crashing jars into the wall. So Browyn finally came caved in following the damn thing. After 6 days the spirit started spazzing out rushing the young witch through the swamp and into the bushes. That's when she met the Queen. At first she just stared at Adelle in shock of meeting the Queen of Witches. The spirit though wasn't done with it's cause though. It yanked off Browyn's necklace that had a picture of her father. Then it stole Adelle's picture of her mother throwing the two together on the ground disappearing. The two just stared at the pictures. A minute later Adelle noticed that the two torn halves seemed to form a whole picture. That's how the two loneliest witches finally found their other half.
Oc Interview with Blade and Fang Satan 


1) Pick one of your Ocs

2)Blah blah filling in question as oc

3) Tag people..nope too much xD

1) What's your Name? 

Blade: I'm Blade...duh
Fang: Fang Satan

2) Do you know why you were named that? 

Blade:.....seriously? Ugh Because when I was a baby I grabbed a Blade and threw it at a maid killing her....stupid question
Fang: *points to huge fangs*

3) Any powers or abilities?

Blade: I can bend metals
Fang: teleportation, and seduction control....I'm just that damn sexy

4) What color are your eyes?

Blade:.....why are there so many pointless questions?...purple
Fang: the sexiest shade of red...which is blood of course!

5) What's your hair color? people are fucking blind. It's BLACK FUCKING BLACK OK?
Fang: I have beautiful hair don't i? Gorgeous red and black

6) Have you any family members? 

Terex-half brother no problems with him
The stupid younger one who is a pain in the ass
Echo- Fang's playmate and Blade's sparring partner

7) I am sorry. Now tell me something you don't like. 

Blade:.......I don't "like" anything I only tolerate things...but I REALLY hate being touched, my father, and...the color pink
Fang: hmmmmm....boring people, when people won't have sex with me, annnd snow fucking cold shit...makes it too cold to fuck

8) What are your hobbies?

Blade: training, making weapons, killing, learning new battle tactics 
Fang: sex, there really anything else to do?

9) Have you ever hurt someone in any way?

Blade: what do you think?
Fang: oh honey. That's a daily occurrence 

10) Have you ever killed anyone?

Blade:.....*sighs* didn't I basically answer this already

11) What kind of animal are you?

Blade:.....the fuck kind of shit are you on?
Fang: the kind that dominates in the bedroom ;)

12) What's your worse habit? 

Blade:......I chew on my knives...
Fang: hmmmm fucking my partner until they pass out

13) Do you go to school? 

Blade: uh.....technically no what I went through isn't what i would call school
Fang: pssssssh who has time for that?...although I'd love to meet some girls in uniform...mmmmm

14) Ever want to get married and have kids? 


15) What are you most afraid of?

Blade:......kittens.....I swear you say something and you will never open your mouth again
Fang: hmmmm......Alaskan Rod....just no

16) What do you usually wear?

Blade: Armor. Always.
Fang: something to cover my chest then panties...maybe some very light armor

17) What's your favorite drink? 

Blade: Blood, Blood Wine, Hell's Brew
Fang: alcohol....any and all alcohol...and blood LOOOOOVE blood

18) What's your favorite place to be?

Blade: on the battle field
Fang: the bedroom ;)

19) What's you're type? not touch me
Fang: don't have a type all are fair game in my book

20) Do you like your life? 

Blade: eh

Tag some..NUPE


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United States
Yo! People call me Blushy!
I'm 20 (getting fucking old)
I draw women, anthros, Pokemon, fantasy (elves/demons/harpies etc.), my little pony, and an extremely rare male every blue moon
There's a lot of women on here because I suck at drawing men.
If you have problems with lesbians or f/f then I'm probably not the artist for you.

:iconlycan-metal: is MY puppy/bestfriend/person thing.

:iconflutterderpisms: MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL PONY BUDDY!!!

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